Antlers Bar

Antlers Bar

The oldest continuously serving bar in North Carolina.

Antlers Bar opened its doors 1932 and has aged gracefully – with a fine balance of modern amenities and rustic nuances. Enjoy a seat at the bar or lounge with friends at a comfortable set of couches. You will enjoy a diverse selection of fine wine, artfully crafted cocktails, and refreshing draft beer.



Up or Rocks

Hot Drinks

Bottled Beer Selections

Yuengling, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Yuengling Light, Sam Adams Light (2.50)

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale (3.50)

Allagash White (5)

Allagash White is unique and truly refreshing. Brewed with a generous amount of wheat, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance. 5.2% ABV

Allagash Black (6)

Belgian style stout brewed with barley, wheat, oats and both roasted and chocolate malt and a generous dose of dark caramelized candied sugar. Its silky mouth feel creates a nice balance to its roasted character. 7.5% ABV 

Dogfish Head Midas Touch  (7)

This sweet yet dry beer is made with ingredients found in 2,700year-old drinking vessels from the tomb of King Midas. Brewed with barley, muscat grapes and honey. 9% ABV

Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet  (8)

Brewed with barley, oats, and wheat. This strong Belgian blond has a smooth round body and crisp dry finish. 8.4% ABV

Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue Label)  (7)

Rich, dry, dark brown ale with caramel notes and perfect balance. Made by Trappist monks because they believe God loves us and wants us to be happy. 9% ABV

Humboldt Nectar IPA  (5)

This IPA is created with Pale, Crystal and Caramel malts that nicely balance the high hop bitterness and flavor. 6.7% ABV

Stone Ruination IPA  (6)

So called because of the “ruinous” effect on your palate! This massive hop monster has a wonderfully delicious and intensely bitter flavor on a refreshing malt base. 7.7% ABV

Avery Brewing Ellie’s Brown Ale  (4.5)

Crystal and chocolate malts provide brown sugar maltiness, with hints of vanilla and nuts, while subtle hopping give this brew perfect balance. 5.5% ABV

New Holland Dragon’s Milk  (7)

Crown Jewel of the brewery, expect a complex ale with a soft, rich caramel-malt character intermingled with deep vanilla tones; all dancing in an oak bath. 10% ABV

Bohemia  (3.5)

A pale pilsner, its name is from the Czech region that is one of the most recognized brewing areas in the world. It has become one of Mexico’s most awarded beers. 4.4% ABV

Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider  (3)

Based out of New York, this cider is delicately sweetened, light, crisp and refreshing as well as excellent gluten free option. 5% ABV

Omission Gluten Free Pale Ale  (4)

A gluten free pale ale made using traditional ingredients and a proprietary process to remove gluten from barley. 4.6% ABV

White Wine

$44 Bottle, $11 Glass

$33 Bottle, $8 Glass

$22 Bottle, $6 Glass

Red Wine

$44 Bottle, $11 Glass

$33 Bottle, $8 Glass

$22 Bottle, $6 Glass

Sparkling by the Glass

Cá Furlan Prosecco, Italy (6/ 22)

Domaine Carneros Brut, CA (8 /33)

J Sparkling, Russian River, CA (8/33)

Jagdschloss Reisling Sekt Brut, Germany (8/33)

Zinck Brut Rosé, Cremant d’ Alsace  (11/44)

By the Bottle Wine

E. Guigal Gigondas, 2010 (50)

Cliff Lede Cabernet, Napa 2011 (65)

Arietta Quartet Bordeaux Blend, Napa 2010 (80)

Black Bird Arise, Napa 2010 (80)

Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé Champagne (100)

Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa,

1993 & 2006 (200)

Dessert Wines

Barnard Syrah Port, WA (7)

Victoria Tawny Port, Australia (6)

Trignon Muscat, France (6)

Victoria Fine Tokay, Australia (6)

Nectar, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Spain (6)

Liquor Selection 


Single Malt Scotch


Non-Alcoholic Selections

Fever Tree Bitter Lemon Tonic (3)

Saratoga Sparkling Water (2.5)

Saratoga StillWater (2.5)

Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola (3)

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade (3)

Fentiman’s Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger (3)

Fentiman’s Ginger Beer (3)

Virgil’s Root Beer (3)


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